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Welcome to Ready Up Game Lounge's main attraction. 6,000 square feet split between a Nerf Shooting Range and Nerf Gun Arena. This space is built for 8 vs 8 action for all ages.  Nerf soldiers will experience multiple game types in our 15 minute high paced themed arena and spend time in our blaster range preparing for battle. Its blue team vs orange team, who will end up on top? 

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Open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

General Entry: $15.00

General Entry will come with Safety Equipment, Team Vest, and Starter Blaster

Upgradeable Blasters are available upon request and range from $3.00 -$10.00 depending on blaster upgrade.

All games are 8 vs 8.

30 minute experience. Spend 15 minutes in the Blaster Range and 15 min in Arena for game session.

*Range time subject to change based off scheduled game and customer arrival time for said game session.**

Waivers are required to enter the arena.



**Nerf Arena Open Fri, Sat, and Sun Only**

Nerf Games start

mon-thurs - 48hr reservation

Friday at 7:00pm-11:30pm

Saturday AT 2pm-11:30pm

Sunday AT 2pm-7:00pm


  • Waiver must be signed by a parent or guardian if under the age 18 

  • No spectators allowed in the Nerf Arena.

  • One guardian is allowed in Arena if child is under the age of 7 years old 

  • Only guests with bands will be allowed in the Nerf Arena.

  • Once you exit the arena , you cannot re-enter 

  • No age requirement for Nerf wars however, if under the age of 7 we would suggest upgrading them to the PERSES 50 round automatic. 

  • Safety Equipment and Rules are given to each player prior to play, Failure to follow rules can result in ejection to the arena - safety is our #1 priority.

  • No FOOD or Drinks allowed in the Arena 

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